On-site manager without all the cost

We all know the virtues of having a manager on site. But for some buildings it just isn't practical to have a dedicated resident manager. Brydges Virtual Caretaker is a way you have someone at your building every day without all the cost of having someone actually living there.

Someone to Meet Service Providers

You need someone to occassionally meet tradespeople and other service providers. Brydges makes sure someone is there.

Daily Presence

There's piece of mind knowing that someone has checked on your property. We drop by and check on anything you'd like, or just to generally make sure everything is fine.

Contact Person for Residents and Tenants

Those people making use of your building or living in your building need someone to call. Let us take care of it.

“Have owned a condo managed by Brydges for 6+ years. Super fast to respond, proactive with repairs.”

– Brad Olbort

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“After 5 years under the management of the other largest condo management company in the city we were in desperate need of Brydges. The knowledge they have provided, and are providing to help pull these buildings out of the hole that was created by previous management is vital. We have seen properties values slowly start to increase in the buildings since they took over and helped us clean up operations. ”

– Phillip Fehr

This review is from Google.
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