Make your commercial property pain-free

Brydges handles all the details from proactive maintenance, to emergencies, to collecting rent.


When you have a question, we get you an answer – today. When there's an urgent problem, it's our job to take care of it now, not later.


No building owner wants unexpected expenses because of poor planning. Brydges has the depth of experience to know where trouble lurks, and we're on your team to help you sort out what needs to be done and when.

Control & Transparency

We keep you in the loop. Log into your MyBrydges dashboard to track tickets, see the status of work and view financial statements in real time.

Handling Trades

As a part of your team, one of our roles is to help select trustworthy and competent tradespeople. Because of our existing relationships and reputation for dealing fairly, we get special access to priority service with exceptional companies, at best cost.

Financial Management

We pay invoices and collect rents on your behalf.

“It's so clear how much Brydges cares. It's impressive a company of this size and reputation is so available and helpful.”

– Lisa Curtis

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