Choosing Brydges means choosing deep experience and expertise.

You are choosing true professionals with the lowest client turnover of any firm in Manitoba.

100% Independently Owned

For more than 25 years, Brydges has been establishing a reputation for integrity, commitment and service. We are 100% independently owned. Unlike so many of our competitors, we take great care to avoid potential conflicts of interest that can compromise the service we provide to our clients. We are not involved in the sale of real estate. We manage condominiums.

On Your Side

At Brydges we believe that we work for the Board of Directors and owners, not the other way around. We believe that the Board sets the policies and that our role is to implement them. This posture of service is at the heart of everything we do and the reason for our success.

Owner & President

Brenda Brydges
Owner and President

Vice President

Maurice Thiessen
Vice President of Business Development and Condominium Management

Mission Statement

In carrying out our mission we seek to ensure that all who walk through our doors are enriched financially, personally and spiritually.

  • To provide quality property management services to condominium corporations, life lease projects, residential rental buildings and commercial properties.
  • Through our concerned property managers, we strive to protect and enhance the investment made by our clients in their homes and businesses by ensuring that their properties are safe, secure and well maintained. When our clients turn the key to their homes or businesses, they can feel a sense of pride, comfort and safety.
  • We will treat our clients with respect, kindness and understanding, recognizing that their properties are not just buildings but are their homes and their business environments.
  • We will deal honestly and fairly with all suppliers of service, valuing their expertise and knowledge in their chosen fields.
  • We will provide our staff with education and support so they can enjoy their career of choice in a healthy and rewarding work environment.
  • In carrying out our mission, we seek to ensure that all who walk through our doors are enriched financially, personally and spiritually.

“After 5 years under the management of the other largest condo management company in the city we were in desperate need of Brydges. The knowledge they have provided, and are providing to help pull these buildings out of the hole that was created by previous management is vital. We have seen properties values slowly start to increase in the buildings since they took over and helped us clean up operations. ”

– Phillip Fehr

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