For over 25 years, Brydges has specialized in condominium management.

When you work with Brydges, you're choosing a firm skilled not only in managing your physical assets, but a complete comprehensive package:

Physical management

Administration & financial management

Communication & people management


When you have a question, we get you an answer – today. When there's an urgent problem, it's our job to take care of it now, not later.


No condominium owner wants unexpected expenses because of poor planning. Brydges has the depth of experience to know where trouble lurks, and we're on your team to help you sort out what needs to be done and when.

Control & Transparency

We keep you in the loop. Log into your Buildium dashboard to track tickets, see the status of work and view financial statements in real time.

Handling Trades

As a part of your team, one of our roles is to help select trustworthy and competent tradespeople. Because of our existing relationships and reputation for dealing fairly, we get special access to priority service with exceptional companies, at best cost.

Legal Knowledge

Brydges can provide guidance in navigating legalities. We make it our responsibility to know the Condominium Act so you don't have to.

Financial Knowledge

We can collect condominium fees, pay invoices and arrange audits on your behalf. As we are registered with the Manitoba Securities Commission, we can hold monies in trust.

Management Options

Financial Management

This option will provide you with financial management.

  • Collect all owner payments
  • Mail late payment reminder notices to owners
  • Provide complete monthly financial packages to the board
  • Receive invoices from suppliers and pay accordingly
  • Produce monthly and annual financial reports
  • Have access to insurance coverage using the influence of Brydges
  • Have access to bulk discount rates on supplies
  • Have access to bulk discount rates from various trades

Full Management

All services listed in the Financial Management option, plus these:

  • Attend six meetings of the board of directors and one AGM and SGM per year
  • Produce complete detailed monthly and annual financial reports
  • Assist the corporation in developing the annual budget
  • Negotiate and administer contracts on behalf of the corporation
  • Assist with dispute resolution
  • Ensure prompt response to all communications
  • Transparent and effective communication
  • Six site inspections per year with written reports
  • Prompt follow-up to owners and board requests
  • Manager's Report to be presented at the board meetings

“(Brydges) was continuously respectful, and prompt when dealing with me...”

– Justin McCarthy

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