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We are proud to offer the services of our BPM Maintenance department to our clients.

The maintenance department was established in 2005 to assist corporations in having minor to medium maintenance tasks completed promptly and professionally.

Our maintenance department is headed up by Robin Hazlett. You can reach Robin via email

Robin brings strong communication and practical solutions to our clients. Robin is always available to provide assistance in all areas of Condominium maintenance.

Robin previously owned and operated his own maintenance company for many years. Brydges was proud to be able to recruit him to join our team. He is a skilled carpenter, as well as having strong plumbing and building construction knowledge. Our clients benefit not only from his cost saving ideas but his prompt and efficient maintenance skills.

This is an optional service. No client has to use this service. It is 100% at the client’s discretion. It is just another value added service for Brydges clients.

In addition to the above optional service, our skilled maintenance department prepares Seasonal Maintenance Schedules for all our properties. This is a powerful preventative maintenance tool that assists not just our Condominium Managers but Board of Directors as well. When it comes to budget time this schedule will help Boards determine some of the financial requirements of a corporation